Developtment linked to the res al-6 plot in Barakaldo

Bilbao Ría 2000
Regeneración urbana
9.000 m²
SOIL arquitectura del paisaje, MODELARK BIM
Rehabilitación Urbana, Paisajismo
Dirección de Obra


design description

BILBAO Ría 2000 has put into operation the development works of the residential plot RES AL-6, which includes the renovation of a part of the riverside promenade of the Nervión de Barakaldo and the construction of a new square between this plot and the RES AL- 5.

The works on the riverside promenade have involved the redevelopment of the entire front of the Portu dock, with a 6.5 meter wide sidewalk, a 5.85 meter wide garden and wooded area and a 2.5 meter wide bi-park.

Both the garden area and the cycle lane are interrupted at the height of the new square in order to facilitate the passage of pedestrians to the landing pier from which access to the boat that connects the two banks of the estuary. The pier itself has had to be renovated to match the levels. To do this, the corten steel sheet above the door has been cut.

In the space between the plots RES AL-5 and RES AL-6, an square has been set up with a terraced green area through which a pedestrian ramp passes that gives access to the pier.. This square, which bridges the gap between Avenida de Altos Hornos and the water front, has a large green area in which some trees have been planted and in which some reinforced concrete steps have been inserted like resting area. Twelve wooden benches with seat and back, have been placed in these

The square is configured as a new connecting link that facilitates the connection between the urban nucleus and the Ría, gives pedestrian permeability to the area and opens up new visual perspectives of the water surface.

Other actions carried out in the area have consisted of the installation of a new lighting network both in the promenade and in the square, new elements of urban furniture and a prefabricated self-cleaning toilet.

A total of 84 trees of the following species have been planted: 29 oaks (quercus cerris), 7 holm oaks (quercus ilex), 17 cherry trees (pronus serrulata), 22 pear trees (pyrus calleriana), 6 ash trees (fraxinus excelsior) and 3 alders (alnus glutinosa).

The new promenade has been adapted at both ends to connect it to the section of the pre-existing promenade in the area, which connects to the north with the ribera del Galindo promenade and to the south with the structure of the Rontegi bridge.

The urban space is one more piece in the development of the Urban-Galindo area that BILBAO Ría 2000 has been carrying out since 1998 and which will continue, among other actions, with the developmnent of the RES AL-7 plot and with the future park from Ribera del Nervión.