Extension of the playground roof in Okondo

Ayuntamiento de Okondo
Regeneración urbana
170 m²
Okondo (Araba)
Rehabilitación Urbana
Proyecto y Dirección



The Okondo City Council commissioned estudio.k to carry out an execution project and the construction management of a children’s playground roof on Carlos Garaikoetxea Avenue, in the urban area of the town council.

The Urbabil S.A. company was in charge of the construction of the canopy. The City Council, through its works brigade, carried out the dismantling of the games and the technical floor, the excavation and execution of the reinforced concrete footings, as well as the replacement of the pavement and the technical floor once the covering was completed.

The supporting structure is made up of three galvanized steel frames, executed using rolled profiles and reinforcing S275JR steel sheets with different sections.

In the same way, the gantry is made up of two pillars of circular tube measuring 200 x 6 mm, 6.34 m high and 4.34 m high, on which a 464 mm deep beam type IPE 360 BOYLE is embedded, with lightening hexagonal, inscribed in a circle of 240 mm diameter.

LThe main beam also has two 1.00 m overhangs. and 1.74 m. on both sides of the pillars. They are formed by a “T”, with a variable depth obtained from an IPE 360. The main free span of the portico is 14.15 m.

The roof with a slope of 14.13% is made up of CF 200×3 type belts, separated every 2.00 m. On these, panels of cellular polycarbonate type DAMPALON DM-16 16/609 of 16 mm are placed. thick, blue, placed with an aluminum spacer screwed by special galvanized sheet-metal screws.

In addition, the frames are joined transversely by four IPE-300 beams, which stiffen the structure.

On the other hand, a single downspout is executed, at the eastern end of the roof. This is connected to the rainwater network by means of a downspout pipe to an existing pit, to the Northeast of the roof.

The lighting is carried out by means of a LED type plate luminaire, of which three units are placed, suspended in the center of the portico.

Finally, thanks to the structural system used in this playground cover, there is the possibility of expanding the space by building two adjacent porticoes to the West.


The work has been carried out according to the approved Project. With the execution of two new porticos because they are identical to the existing ones.

The structure of the East and West vertical closures has had a modification of the closure supporting profiles on which the cellular polycarbonate is placed. Because of this, two CF 200×3 type intermediate belts that were not necessary, have also been eliminated.

The lower tube of the 100x100x5 truss has been doubled on both sides of the pillar, to increase rigidity and serve as support for panel celullar  the solid.

The cellular polycarbonate is type DAMPALON DM-16 16/609 of 16 mm. of thickness. This has been placed staggered at the top of these two sides.

The lighting has been executed by means of an LED-type dish luminaire, the same as the existing one, of which two units are placed.

The collection of rainwater has been modified by making a new connection to the existing catch basin next to the edge of the sidewalk.