ORBICO global sustainability in industry

Study of sustainability
Basque Government
Final document
Basque Country
Ekin; K2K; Tecnalia
Sustainability in industrial Organization


design description

ORBICO project involves three organizations of ner group (Ekin, K2K and estudio.k) and Tecnalia. The main idea of the project is to achieve a business structure guided the overall sustainability of the organization itself, to search competitive advantages and to know the present and future needs of the stakeholders. The project allows for diagnosing industrial “sustainability”, creating a custom improvements plan and supporting implementation of actions.

ORBICO project studies the business activity and its environment from point of view of the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social pillars. It focuses on introducing these three dimensions in the whole dynamic of the company in a shared and systematic way.

As a joint project, estudio.k has developed issues relating the building and its urban and natural environment, making a proposal of indicators and an analysis of best practices that can improve specific aspects of sustainability of the analyzed organization.

ORBICO develops a practical methodology for the human, fair and sustainable development model, for any business activity. It is based on the definition of a set of indicators and their assessment for the industry being investigated.

ORBICO model evaluates the sustainability of a company based on the sustainability of each of the processes which conform of it. For this purpose, the evaluation has been divided in 8 different processes within the three pillars of sustainability: (1) suppliers, (2) building and systems, (3) staff, (4) production process, (5) Direction and management, (6) goods, (7) environment, (8) customers. Afterwards each of the indicators is studied in detail, taking into account the company sustainability will be determined depending on how sustainable is the company in relation to each of them. In this way we get a picture that helps us to establish a solid base of knowledge. This allows us to develop improvement plans and set objectives and ensure compliance with deadlines, to improve business sustainability.

Finally, it offers the company a number of good practices for promoting sustainability in each of its three aspects. For each of the 45 outlined points a description of the procedure, technical considerations and implications, and the potential environmental impact is made.